Saturday, January 2, 2010


we will never know what truly "is"
we only know what our eyes show us, ears tell us, smell and touch lets us know
all of that is our own perception of what "is"
many times we're wrong which is why we are constantly surprised by life
accept that you know the certainty of nothing and you wont be restrained by anything
most people love to be caged in a box
because its safe, you like to know where all four corners are, nothing can get in and you cant get out
accept that whatever you see and believe is not for certain in this life and you reach ultimate freedom
so to people who say they believe in freedom that's bullshit
the government knows just want to feel safe.
so its your pick be scared and uncertain with freedom, or feel safe and caged.
embrace the unknown
I'd rather tread in this world with acceptance, humility and courage then arrogance, ignorance, and cowardice.

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