Sunday, January 10, 2010

a poem by me

she believes love can overcome all, shes young and naive
hasnt seen tha results but feels it thru tha practice of tai chi
feeling depressed she cant help but ask "why me?"
shadows tell her she cant handle it shes thinkin "try me"
she pitys herself when tha loneliness envelopes
then learns to love and embrace it
its comfortable like a cashmere knit sweater
shes been there before it'll always get better
or so he tells her
sometimes she feels like shes a catastrophe
wants to feel pain just to feel reality
but she'll never lets herself fall
its an uphill battle but she knows below darkness walks
she dont wanna go there again
she walked for a month among tha shadows dead
its a place she will never forget
but she will never regret
walking with death taught her how she needs to live
even if it might not be tha truth
ignorance can really be bliss
if positivity isnt truth than let me be ignorant she says
you continue on in your darkness

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