Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am back from AZ

Had a blast in arizona with my family and made some $$$ :]]]] my aunt and my cousin paid me to do their makeup and hair for their brother's wedding it turned out beautiful, i really outdid myself haha making money off of something i have a passion for really made me realize why its so hard for me to be happy with the money i make from average jobs, money to me just isnt that great unless im making it off of something i love i guess. Once i get tha pictures from the wedding i'll put em up for everyone to see, i'd love to hear opinions. Besides all that, i've never felt happier! being around people who love me really made me realize that im not alone, i often feel that way out here in san jacinto CA and i have to battle against feeling down on myself, but being around such a loving, accepting and open family and my fellow cousins really made me feel recharged with energy and a positive outlook again. cant wait to see them on new years :) all this made me realize even more that you can be "strong" but EVERYONE needs a support system just because you need people doesnt mean you are weak or too dependent.

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  1. Where were you all these days? Why weren't you posting?