Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok I saw in an interview on MTV I believe, of her talking about how she looks isnt an image and that thats how she dresses everyday to express herself....BULLSHIT, there she is on boiling points in 2005 looking average as fuck, sure she coulda went from average looking to fucken crazy before she got famous and after this boiling points episode but i highly doubt it. Are people really that dumb? EVERYBODY whos famous has an "image" its not 100% who they are if even at all! so why does she look like a cockatoo on acid you say? maybe her record label came up with the image for her and noww i gotta go around seein crazy bitches trying to imitate her ridiculous style on a daily basis when in reality SHE probably doesnt even want to dress like that. Come on have you heard any of her songs? she clearly doesnt write any of them because they completely lack creativity and if she does well then SHE clearly has no creativity because they all sound the same so how could she come up with such crazy, elaborate,ridiculous outfits??? cuz she didnt, someone else did and its all part of her image. and WTF is with all these singers wearing leotards???? every female singer is looking crazy now not just lady gaga look at beyonce in her c3po outfit in her sweet dreams video.

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  1. LOL! I love it! She looks so cute and innocent here! I love her!!! thanks for posting this!