Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tha basics...

When i talk about my life, its pretty hard to keep it simple... but on tha outside my life does seem sooo simple to a person looking in. I am 100% colombian, born in california. I just turned 20 in november, i live with my mom marta, dad jaime, 23 year old brother al, his girlfriend jess...her dog "demon" a chihuahua with split personality disorder, and last but not least my 2 MinPins tasha and Ruby..hmm jus that should give you a hint as to how crazy my life really is :) I live in a city thats not quite a small town and not quite a well-known city, lots of people still dont kno wat im talkin about when i say tha name.. "San Jacinto", a town with little diversity and a whole lotta mexicans haha when i say little diversity, I mean for example if I lived in Riverside id be able to meet quite a few people that are into underground hiphop, bboys, bgirls, artists, list goes on and on. Around here you really cant find people that are into some of these things, i probably can count on my hand tha people that are truly "down" with tha realness, why i dont chill with those people is a whooole other blog post. For a person like me, where hiphop and common interests means so much..its a big deal.

I have a boyfriend who I've been with for 2 years and 9 months now, his name is Mike if you're in tha bboy game you may kno him as OSM:) he's in a bboy crew established in temecula called Ill Flavored Rejects, havent heard of em? look em up on youtube and check tha footy although there isnt a whole lot up right now. i'll save tha story of me and mike for another day. So pretty much those are tha everyday people in my life right now...not really any friends in case you didnt notice.. and like i said thats a whooolee other lonngg asss stoorryyy.. no time for that. Im just goin to put it randomly out there and say that I have an anxiety disorder, i can remember the exact day this problem developed, i was 16 and since then i have been learning to deal and searching for a cure. i refuse to use that bullshit nonsense that doctors prescribe and resort only to holistic,natural, and homeopathic means to fix it. My journey with this problem is a whole book in tha chronicles of Judy and is i must admit a pretty big reason why i decided to do this..i want to find and help other people my age with this similar experience and hopefully get ideas from others as well. I am not goin to school which is in direct correlation to tha anxiety problem, I do not have a job because of this fucked economy and partially tha anxiety haha To everybody else im just a lonely crazy beautiful BUM to me im something completely different and much more amazing:) So i guess thats as basic as i can make it! PEACE

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