Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is SUCCESS?

If nobody already knew, I am HIGHLY against mainstream music particularly mainstream hip hop. Being such an underground hiphophead myself i think mainstream hip hop gives REAL hiphop a bad name, not only that but it promotes a shallow way of thinking. I heard this song by drake and trey songz called " successful" it goes "i want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, and the hos i suppose i just wanna be successful" WAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT? pardon my caps lock but just having to repeat that was angering, i need some anger management for this shit. But i think its ridiculous how so many people measure success by materialistic posessions and making a song about it is making lots of people think the same thing not only of materialstic posessions but "ho's" now?? really having a lot of ho's is being successful?? theres a whole lotta ho's out there i thought having a good woman was a success. Success to me is best described by Albert Einstein's quote "strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value" I think if you are of value then you are a success. I cant go to school right now, i have yet to find a job, i dont have many friends, a car, money, or a lotta clothes but dammit i think im a success, because i have made a lot of big strides as a person, i have morals, values, and wisdom, and im a good daughter, friend, and girlfriend. To me success should be measured in how good of a person you are not how much you have. Lets stop the materialism PLEASE and make light of the true important things in life.

This is why I LOVE underground hiphop because that is what underground hiphop rappers do. It's not all about making a hit and making money.

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