Thursday, December 10, 2009

a little lesson on love

Now i am nooo expert, I have had only one boyfriend in my whole life so far and pretty much never dated anyone else what most would see as inexperience, i KNOW is actually knowledge and intuition working in unison. I never wasted my teen life dating guys just for their looks, or just because they gave me attention, something in me knew i was worth more than that, my intuition was tellin me someone special is out there and he'll be just tha right fit for me. There were many guys of course that i took interest in, even one that i fell in love with (never ended up together tho), but i always let things flow i never forced anything to happen. Now that I have a boyfriend that i've been with for quite a while, i know that relationships are not a fairytale it gets really really hard sometimes, but one thing is for certain if your man is a loyal good hearted person, and you are a loyal good hearted person, and your sacral, heart, and third eye chakra are in sync...then your relationship is sure to last and it is sure to be true love. Just because you may argue a lot with your man for a while does not mean that it is the end, i've found that almost every arguement i've had with my boyfriend in the end is something that makes me a better person, same goes for him. NEVER GIVE UP ON THA PERSON YOU LOVE IF YOUR GUT TELLS YOU ITS TRUE. I truly think that in every relationship you have friendship or more, that person is in your life is there to teach you something and if you or the other person isnt willing to learn, than the relationship will not work. IT TAKES 2 UNSELFISH, OPEN, GOOD HEARTED people to make any kind of relationship work, so long as you are selfish and unwilling to admit your flaws and want to change them you will be completely unsuccessful in finding true love. i see romantic love as a gift that the divine gives us for for being open to our truth and following our path. i believe EVERYBODY is on this earth to make themselves a better person and help others in tha process i think that is the "main goal", and if you're not on that path, if you are will not have good things coming your will throw difficult lessons at you over and over and over again until you see the truth and finally learn, and tha longer you resist, tha tougher it'll get.


  1. You are right. So so right that I can't just tell how much I feel like being your friend :) will you mind?

  2. aww thank you, you have no idea how much your comment means to me:)